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Regulatory Reform Order

Regulatory Reform Order

The RRO, which became law on 1 October 2006, has imposed specific obligations on Landlords to ensure commercial properties meet current legislation in respect of Fire Safety, based upon a competent fire assessment to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire, with individual persons within an organization being made responsible, under law, for the undertaking of such assessment and compliance with its recommendations and being liable to prosecution if recommendations are not actioned and maintained and if evidence of such cannot be provided.

The Fabrick Housing Group are amongst those leading the countries network of social housing organisations, in the strategical planning and management of their commitment to comply with the requirements of the RRO. Interseal UK Limited, in ‘partnership’ are pleased to be supporting that strategy through the surveying, reporting, recommending and undertaking of remedial and new firestopping and compartmentation works to ensure compliance with building regulation document B and RRO legislation, for their portfolio of properties. We are, for each unit, providing comprehensive Operation & Maintenance manual content, providing required evidential information which comprises Product and Safety Data, installation methodology, ‘as built’ photographic support, manufacturer inspection reports, installer certification of compliance, FIRAS third party certification, label identification and registration of works with drawing reference and recommendations for proper management and maintenance of future works.

Our professional service has afforded the client the comforting knowledge that this element of their Fire Safety strategy commitment is being ably met. Before considering placing your own liability in our safe hands, we would be happy to provide referees within the Fabrick Group with whom you may consult on the suitability of our services.

Should you require further information on the Regulatory Reform Order, the reasons for its inception and its imposition on the obligations of the landlord, a good clear synopsis can be found at the following link:- Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) Order 2005

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