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Fire Barrier Systems

Fire Barrier Systems

Cavity fire barriers are designed to inhibit the spread of fire and smoke in concealed spaces, typically within roof voids and above suspended ceilings. There are two generic types available:-

Firstly, the traditional mineral fibre type which provides up to 120 mins integrity and 120 mins insulation, with good acoustic performance.

The second is the lightweight woven fabric non-respirable type, which provides fire & smoke barriers only, up to 2 hours, and insulated barriers which provide up to 1 hour integrity with 38 minutes insulation.

Benefits to the Product:

  • High insulation performance limiting heat transfer through the barrier, preventing ignition of combustible materials an the adjacent areas
  • Penetration Management
  • Suitable for continuation of compartment wall within void
  • Positively fixed
  • No maintenance required
  • Can accommodate access hatches and fire doors

Compartmentation of structures within voids to provide up to 120 Mins integrity and 120 mins insulation between areas. Reduction of transmitted sound between rooms of up to 50dB.

For use in concealed areas, either mineral fibre (may be foil faced) or woven fabric appearance.

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